Conditions Website

Conditions for publication and consultation of announcements and news on the website

The advertisements are published directly by the users of the website does not operate any control over the ads, therefore the advertiser user is required to carefully check the content before publication, while the reader user must ensure on his own the truthfulness of the ad and the reliability of the seller.

Therefore cannot in any case be held responsible for the advertisements placed.

When the Advertiser User confirms the sending of the advertisement, the same advertisement is immediately published, there is no intermediate validation step, the Advertiser User assumes all responsibility for the contents published by it, the same advertisement can still be removed. at any time or modified if errors are found after publication.

Each ad remains online until it is deleted, has the right to remove at any time any ad that it believes should not remain published on the web platform

CHG di Chessa Francesco is the owner of the entire web platform

CHG di Chessa Francesco makes this website available to users, which allows users to publish, consult ads from private individuals and companies wishing to sell machinery or equipment in the wood machinery sector and to get in touch with each other.

The use of the Service is allowed only to adult users according to Italian law (over 18 years of age).

The use of the Service is free and allows the free consultation of the advertisements and the publication of advertisements and the creation of user profiles for the sole purpose of using this web platform.

The relationships between users of the Website, especially with regard to purchases, payments, deliveries and the exchange of information between users, both direct and through the contact form in the advertisements, take place exclusively between users without CHG of Chessa Francesco is part of the relationship.

Users also undertake not to make improper use of the contacts present for any reason on the Website

The user is totally and exclusively responsible for the use of the services granted by the Website and is therefore the only guarantor and manager of the goods offered on the Website as well as the correctness, completeness and lawfulness of the advertisements and their behavior in the context of contact between users. The user guarantees the availability and / or ownership of the good / service object of the advertisements themselves.

In the event of a dispute by third parties regarding any announcement or conduct related to it, the user assumes full responsibility and undertakes to hold Chg di Chessa Francesco harmless and harmless from any damage, loss or expense.

The Advertiser guarantees that the content of its Ads strictly complies with the legal obligations governing its business.

The Advertiser guarantees to CHG di Chessa Francesco to be the sole and exclusive author of the text, drawings, photographs, etc. that make up the ad. Otherwise, he declares to possess all the rights and authorizations necessary for the dissemination of the advertisement.

The Advertiser acknowledges and accepts that CHG di Chessa Francesco has the right to remove, without notice, indemnity or right to reimbursement, any announcement in progress that does not comply with the rules of the Website and / or that may prejudice the rights of third parties or that contains illegal content.

The Advertiser declares to know the extent of diffusion of the Internet Sites, to have taken all precautions to comply with the current legislation of the places of reception and to release CHG di Chessa Francesco from any liability in this regard.

The Advertiser accepts that the data collected by the Internet Sites are kept by the Internet access providers and used for statistical purposes or to satisfy specific requests from public authorities.

The Advertiser also undertakes to respect and maintain the confidentiality of the access data to his Account and explicitly acknowledges that any connection to his Account, as well as any transmission of data to and from his Account are considered to have been made by the Advertiser.

Loss, hacking or use of access data and any associated consequences are under the total and exclusive responsibility of the Advertiser.

CHG di Chessa Francesco does not provide any guarantee on the content, completeness and correctness of the advertisements published, neither with regard to the published data, nor in relation to the information subsequently provided by the user, nor the quality of the results